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ceramics 1

Ian at work

Within the realm of ceramics, Ian Grieve specialises in combining hand-building and thrown works whilst enjoying the challenge of clay sculpture.

Ian Grieve with functional pottery
in his Pottery Studio "putting on handles".

In his unique Australian series of contemporary art pieces, Ian draws upon the environment as his inspiration. These pieces evoke symbolic imagery and establish a dialogue with the viewer that projects beyond the visual impression.

"Cockatoo Vase"
(280 x 280 mm)
Gold & blue glaze
on a white stoneware clay.

Cockatoo Vase

Peace Pot

The Peace Pot was selected for the World Competition of Arts and Crafts Kanazawa 1999 in Japan. A thrown and handbuilt work, the pot features six male and female heads rising from an ocean-inspired glaze. The pot represents a universal hope for world peace. Each of the heads is covered with copper gold, representing the rich diversity of human kind and the precious nature of each individual within.

"Peace Pot"
(350 mm)
Gold & blue glaze
on a white stoneware clay.

Ian's exceptional ceramics can also be viewed in the Australian Dictionary of Potters, 1996 and have been selected to be included in a new educational text book.

Pottery Works

Peacock Vase 3

"Peacock Vase 3"
Gold & blue glaze on white stoneware.

Peacock Vase 1

"Peacock Vase"
(335 x 310 mm)
Gold & blue glaze on a white
stoneware clay.

Peacock Vase 2

"Peacock Vase 2"
Gold & blue glaze on a white
stoneware clay.

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